On-Demand DMLS 3D Printing Services

Produce parts with high precision with a great surface finish. Ideal for functional metal prototypes and low volume end-use metal parts

dmls metal 3d printing process

Parts As Fast As 7 Days

Parts With Intricate Details

Parts As Good As Casting

Material Properties Supported

By DMLS 3D Printing Process

  High Strength

  Temperature and Corrosion Resistance

  Better Performance

  Lighter Part Weight

dmls metal 3d printer

DMLS Supported Materials

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manufacturing requirement

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  Design Verification and Material Suggestions

  Material Certification and Dimensional Reports

  Custom Packaging Solutions

metal additive manufacturing

Common DMLS 3D Printing Process Applications

Few of common applications for which our customers have been using DMLS 3D Printing process

Aerospace & Automobile

Used in Aerospace and automobile industries to print complex and custom parts.


Medical devices and implants are often 3D printed due to the discreteness of the parts.


It is an economically viable option for building functional metal prototypes


It can eliminate complex machining process for tool making and is quicker than the conventional methods.