On-Demand SLS 3D Printing Services

Produce parts with high resolution and good surface finish at affordable cost. Best suitable for functional prototypes.

sls 3d printed nylon part

Parts As Fast As 2 days

Production Quality Output

Supports Complex Models

Material Properties Supported

By SLS 3D Printing Process

  Good Mechanical Properties

  Chemical Corrosion Resistance

  High Temperature Resistant

nylon sls 3d printing

SLS Supported Materials

Connect with us to discuss your

manufacturing requirement

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  Dedicated Account Manager

  Design Verification and Material Suggestions

  Material Certification and Dimensional Reports

  Custom Packaging Solutions

nylon material plastic part manufactured using sls 3d printing

Common SLS 3D Printing Process Applications

Few of common applications for which our customers have been using SLS 3D Printing process

Functional Prototype

Functional mechanical components can be produced and tested

Art & Fashion

Complex design parts, gift items and sculptures

Engineering Applications

Jigs, fixtures, living hinges, parts with snap fit