How On-Demand Manufacturing is used in Automotive Services

If you are searching for a new manufacturing model that will reduce production cost and boost productivity, then 3D Usher is here to help. We help our clients make the shift from traditional automotive manufacturing practices to the latest cloud manufacturing solutions using on-demand manufacturing model.

We believe that On-demand manufacturing is a revolutionary business model. It allows the vendor to support the manufacturing process for a product, right from the initial concept up to the final product delivery at customer’s end. Such a model makes use of a cloud-based platform and supports the developer by getting instant quotes, managing projects and tracking inventory from any corner of the world at any given time.

The automotive industry is to benefit significantly from our on-demand manufacturing services.

Here's How:

  • 3D Usher’s on-demand model allows rapid prototyping which helps manufacturers to cut down lead times for designing cars or updating current models.

  • Manufacturers can leverage 3D Usher’s manufacturing by testing a variety of prototypes before production.

  • Our 3D printing services allow the fabrication of customized tools which help save up to 58% in overall cost and reduce project time by 92%.

As opposed to traditional CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturing model, 3D Usher uses the on-demand model which does not solicit a minimum order requirement. Whether you want a single prototype or 10,000 fully assembled automobiles, our on-demand services can meet your needs quickly while also maintaining the lowest production and shipping cost.

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