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The year was 1942, kids rushed with their own science models which they had built over the past months to be a part of the first ever American National Science Fair. After a day of heated judgment, 18-year old Alan Fletcher was declared as the winner with his display of the laws of motion.

As the 50s approached the interest in science was peaking and the future was at hand especially after the first ever atomic bombs were used to end the gruesome World War 2. As the years went by further major steps like the Sputnik and the Polio vaccination had the future generations really wish that their children would be no stranger to flying vehicles or even vacations in space. This inspired child around the world to take initiative and understand science deeper and before people knew it, every school had a science and math club and was hosting science fairs regularly.

In today’s world, there are major science fairs where the finest from around the world compete to be the next genius whiz-kid who changes the world. Competitions like the Google Science Fair and ISEF are considered to be highly prestigious.

The pan industrial revolution has surely captured the sights of our younger generation. In 2016 as Barack Obama hosted his last White House Science Fair, he observed some beautiful ideas that captured the renowned president’s attention.

Nine-year-old Jacob Leggette wrote to various 3D Printing companies to get a 3D Printer for himself. When Printrbot finally answered his prayers, he promised them feedback on how it can be made more children friendly. He presented his self-designed toys as the science fair project which highly impressed the president.

Further, nineteen-year-old Shemar Coombs printed a phone case that could keep earphones from tangling, this was followed by a prosthetic leg and more.

Schools have also promoted science fairs in an attempt to foster team spirit and creative thinking among their students. It is fascinating how little kids have spotted applications and presented them in their own unique ways. Students have produced models like I-Beams, drones and a 3D Printed Ice Cream Ball which allowed them to make ice cream cheaply!

With a younger generation already inspired by the beauty of 3D Printing, the future if not flying cars definitely holds a day where everyone will hold the power to create what they want, when they want and the way they want. Well, what if someone were to tell you that the future is not so far out of your grasp! You can get anything 3D printed for your science fair or anything that you want, just send us your requirements at 3D usher and get anything 3D Printed for really economical costs. Your order is just a few clicks away!

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