3D Printing, a personalized smartphone cover

29th June 2007

“Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along and changes everything” said Silicon Valley’s magician as he introduced “3 revolutionary products”. “A widescreen iPod, a smartphone and a revolutionary internet communication device” he continued as the audience sat captivated falling prey to his so-called “distortion field”, a place where he made the rules.

That evening, the world stood witness as Steve Jobs pulled out the first iPhone, with its 3.5-inch touchscreen and other novel concepts it created history.

Good products, solve problems. A great product changes its industry, but a revolutionary product… a revolutionary product creates industries. That’s what the iPhone did. It redefined smartphones and computing and also inspired a wave of beauty, elegance, and aesthetics in technology. And with his vision led to 2 movements, the first was that of giving attention to design as much as technology.

With this set in place all major players set out to fix their smartphones, Samsung was one of the only companies that could survive this mayhem. Many companies like Blackberry and Motorola were simply doomed to be irrelevant.

Now with a beautiful and shiny smartphone, the next most important thing was to protect them, you can do that with a 3D Printed phone cover. There were phone covers all around, everyone was rushing to make the most beautiful smartphone covers. Obviously, people didn’t want to just mess up the beauty of their “smartphone”, which was a matter of pride to have.

Phone covers evolved from a way to protect your phone to a statement. People were rushing out to get phone covers themed around their favorite football team, video game or even quote. Personalization, however, couldn’t cut the mark.

Recently though with 3D printing, the age of hyper-personalization has begun. People can now just go to a website download a design or design their own phone cover and get your printed from an amazingly varied choice of materials. Now the personalization isn’t just limited to the image on the cover but also the shape, the texture and even the look as a whole.

Now you can have anything from a flip cover to a plain iPhone cover, 3D printed JUST FOR YOU! The only limitation with a product as simple as a smartphone cover is your creativity.

3D printing has invaded life as we know it and there will soon be a day where we could simply print through life!!

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