3D PRINTING personalized gifts like engraved ring on valentine’s day

The tradition of celebrating love at Valentine’s Day started off in the 14th century. Despite its western origins, Valentine’s Day has taken its place in hearts around the world.

Though its true origin is shrouded with mystery, one of the most believed theories is that Valentine’s day is celebrated to respect Saint Valentine’s decision to disobey Emperor Claudius II for his order of banning soldiers to get married. It was his belief that men become weaker after marriage. Saint Valentine strongly disagreed and thus decided to help several young couples get married secretly, which infuriated the king and thus Valentine was executed thereby sparking the tradition of Valentine’s Day, where couples would exchange gifts and express their love for one another.

Talking of gifts, ever since ancient times one of the finest gifts since ancient times has been rings. The tradition of rings started back in ancient Egypt, as the people believed that circles symbolized eternity. The ring was further romanticized by the tradition of wearing it on the now “ring finger” as it had the vein that ran straight to the heart. Later termed as “Vena Amoris”.

The tradition of rings was generally observed in many parts of Europe, however, everything changed years later in 1880 when diamonds were discovered in South Africa. Cecil Rhodes started the DeBeers Company and within a decade rings were a viral tradition.

The secret to the success of DeBeers was their “A diamond is forever” campaign. But diamond or not rings have always been a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Now diamonds and other precious metals aren’t quite pocket-friendly. Valentine’s day is approaching soon and you’re lost as to what you can do. 3D printing has got your back. Today different metals can be used to get rings printed for as cheap as a few hundred rupees.

3D printing has encroached every part of life and is all set to give you almost no reason to get of the couch.

Sit back and print through life!

Happy Valentines Week

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