Customized Miniatures and Figurines using 3D Printing

Decoration pieces such as miniatures and figurines invoke a certain feeling to the viewer depending on the design and context. They’ve historically been used as religious and art pieces around the world and were historically hand-made. But, with the advent of technology, it became easier to mass manufacture them, and forward the process of adding more detail to the design. The primary market for miniatures and figurines today are as gifts, while other uses include them being used in the context of art and religion.

These miniatures and figurines can even be custom made. But, until recently, this came at a hefty price since handmade miniatures and figures take time and effort to make, and manufacturers would have to bare a high cost of production if they weren’t being mass produced. In this regard, 3D printing has without a doubt been a game-changer. Additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D printing, allows users to create a design on a computer and print a three-dimensional object just with a click of a button. It’s extremely cheap when compared with other methods, and allows more detail to be focused on when coming up with the design. This is due to users being handed the capability to choose the quality of the object being made.

Use cases of 3D printing include scanning a person and uploading the scanned image on a computer, and further printing a three-dimensional figurine. ‘3D selfies’ are a new category of 3D printing where the selfie can be rendered into a three-dimensional figurine. Other uses include personalized gifts, by coming up with your own design of the person being given the gift. Artists like Danny van Ryswk are using 3D printers to add a new level detail to their models.

Uses such as these show the exciting ways 3D printing can be used. But where to get these miniatures and figurines made from? This is where we come in. 3D Usher allows anyone to get objects such as these made simply by giving us a design or an idea about what you want to get made. Once you share with us what you have in mind, we’ll get back to you with a quotation. It’s our job from there. Using the latest tech at our disposal, your product will be made in no time and shipped at the earliest. We allow you to track your shipment from any corner of the world, and our on-demand services are employed in many other industries as well. 3D Usher provides design and manufacturing solutions to a range of industries such as automotive, custom gifts, the medical industry, and even aerospace. We hope to hear from you soon!

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