Get customized 3D printed award or trophies like Oscars!

It’s that time of the year when all of the movie enthusiasts, movie bloggers, and critics start making claims that their Oscar predictions are going to be correct this year, no one can stop them from making such bold claims. Every year during the Oscar season, words like best movies, best actor, best director, etc start to resurface out of the daily banter, everyone wants their favorites to win and no one else. Who can forget all the Leonardo DiCaprio memes? Those were the days, people went crazy when he finally won one for the best actor award after 5 nominations.

All of this hype and commotion about the Oscars is to be expected since the Academy Awards or Oscars are spectacular and marvelous. It is considered to be one of the most glorious awards a human can possibly hope to achieve, so are Nobel prizes, Olympic medals, Grammy and many other iconic awards. Have you ever wondered what makes them so iconic? Well the efforts, hard work, and dedication of the people who win it is certainly the major factor but the “Icon” in iconic is also important, the word itself is defined as a representative symbol which is worthy of veneration.

The idea, the icon or the symbol is really important, this is what the winners take back as and proudly display it to any visitors. The trophy or prize that the winners take back with them has a strong image which projects what the winner has achieved. The designs and shapes of these rophies are really unique and have a strong relationship with the values, capabilities, and achievements that the winner possesses. Each and everyone who makes it into the Oscar nominations list wishes to achieve that glittering solid gold Oscar statuette.

If you have to give an award or trophy to someone who deserves it, you should also put in your best effort to make it iconic, unique, bold, and personal. You can do just that with the help of 3D Printing technology, whether the trophy is for any school program, sports event, the act of kindness, or a kid’s talent show, all the winners deserve an iconic trophy instead of just a standard and monotonous cup. Think of what are the values that you want the trophy to represent and what the winner should feel when they take a glance at the trophy. Think of the symbols that you want the trophy to carry and how the people who earn it are going to recall every time they see it. Now you can get anything that you can possibly imagine through 3D Printing, just explain it to one of the 3D Designers at 3D usher and we can get it printed! Whether it is the face of some idol that you want, a dragon, the logo of your organization, you can get trophies made for it. Impress the winners and give them a customized 3D printed trophy that they deserve!

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