Personalized Jewellery like 3D printed rings and more !

There were the times when the development of jewelry and other items through 3D printing technology seemed to be a fantasy. But custom jewelry is no longer a fantasy because the concept of 3D printing has now made it a reality. Since 3D printed pieces of jewelry look quite similar to traditional jewelry casting objects, so it can legitimately be said that development of personalized jewelry through 3D printing is on a verge of becoming mainstream. Additive manufacturing is nothing but a synonym of 3D printing so both terminologies can be used vice versa for custom jewelry.

Jewelry has been the attention of women since centuries. There are plenty of innovative designs available in the market, but the question arises that how personalized jewelry as a 3D printed jewelry would embark its mark and how it is different from conventional jewelry? Conventional jewelry though looks great, but the process is time taking and it takes quite long to develop jewelry. As the trend of customization has prevailed very much in society, so how can jewelry save itself from this trend? The main benefit of 3D printed jewelry is that with the blend of additive manufacturing there is a great deal of modification even at the development stage. It is so because a design is first made on software and CAD file is then commanded to the 3D printer which prints the designed model in plastic. So, having the print of design in plastic allows the designer to ascertain what needs to be done more and eventually their final product would be so elegant that customers would not find 3D printed jewelry any less than traditional jewelry. So, on account of all these supporting arguments it can be said that personalized jewelry using additive manufacturing is the future and on account of being reliable and high quality, it soon going to be a mainstream trend.

Anticipating the market niche and ascertaining the future of personalized jewelry through 3D printing, our experienced and highly professional team at 3D Usher is committed to providing its customer with excellent and high-quality customized products. We develop high quality customized products in a variety of designs and it will be just a matter of time that you will receive the desired customized product at your doorsteps. The procedure to get the customized jewelry is very simple and there are just a couple of steps which you need to follow. If you have your own made design, then simply login and upload the file. After you will upload the file, professional team of 3D Usher would evaluate your design and instantly quote you the manufacturing cost and other details related to your custom jewelry.

In case you don’t have a design, don’t worry, we will take care of this. We truly value your customization needs and have a specific Design Suite, where you would tell us about the product specifications and rest of the things will be handled by us. We would get back to you instantly with the designed product and quotation. You just review and submit the order, and the rest of the things will be managed from our side.

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