What is colour jet 3D printing?

One of the greatest joys of being human is our consciousness and our understanding of nature and art, which allows us to experience their beauty. However, if we take a step further behind and ask what allows us to truly comprehend this “experience”, it’s all about the colours. Colours play a major role in our human lives, in fact, it’s believed that colours are now so engraved in the human mind that they can be used to influence human mood and psychology.

Colours are all over the place and are used for various reasons by businesses like the colour red is used by fast food joints to create a hunger within people along with a sense of urgency which makes them eat faster so as to allow them to serve more tables daily. Colours like white are used to depict serenity and purity. In stadiums, the locker rooms of the away teams are painted as pink or blue which subconsciously calms them down which makes them relatively less aggressive on the field.

Now considering the importance colour plays in our life it's given that it should be a major part of the pan industrial revolution we are noticing in today’s world. This is where 3D colour jet printers come into play. Colour jet printers are 3D Printers which involve two basic components, a core and a binder. The core material is spread by a roller into thin layers over the platform. After each layer is spread, the colour binder is jetted selectively from inkjet print heads over the core layer which solidifies the core. This allows the printer to make a full-colour three-dimensional model.

This makes Colour Jet 3D Printers very helpful for full-colour concept models, architectural models and even demonstration models. These demonstration models can be medical models which are used in hospitals and schools to teach students. Coloured medical models allow a much better understanding along with better visualisation as it allows students to separate between different body parts. However medical models aren’t the limit, 3D colour jet printers allow us to make extremely detailed models of even complex geometries and can thus help in developing the artistic sectors too.

With 3D Printing supporting sectors like health, architecture and even art were looking forward to a truly interesting future where creation will truly be democratised. 3D printing is becoming a tool for the mind and our imagination is the only limit to the future and this is where 3D Usher closes the gap between your imagination and the reality, you can get any object that you want 3D Printed in vibrant colour jet and many other ways, depending on the object and your requirements we can manufacture virtually anything that you want, so just send us you requirement and get it manufactured in a few clicks !!

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