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Custom injection molded parts can now be ordered using 3D Usher's online quoting tool. 3D Usher supports a variety of manufacturing processes that support both low volume(less than 2000) and high volume production of plastic parts. Our Engineers based out in US, Canada and India can help in producing parts using a variety of custom injection molding services.

Start using your custom plastic injection molding services for best quality and price.

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Get your designs reviewed by our engineers and avoid complications after manufacturing the parts.


Do not burden yourself with high minimum order quantities. Place order as low as 100 units.

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Dedicated engineering team to ensure high quality and test every single part before qualifying to ship.

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Track your order in a few clicks. Dedicated account manager for any concerns or questions you may have.

Plastic and Rubber Injection Molding

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Common Injection Molding Process Applications

Few of common applications for which our customers have been using Injection Molding manufacturing process

Toys & Entertainment

Different kind of toys, parts of musical instruments and speaker casings

Household Products & Appliances

Storage containers, bottles, combs, kitchenware, etc


Enclosures for custom embedded system devices.

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Injection molding is an intricate and complicated process. In reality, the injection molding machine has three main parts: the injection unit, the mold, and the clamp. Plastic pellets are fed into the barrel through the hopper. Inside the barrel, stress implied by a screw pushes the pellets forward. Heater bands are wrapped around the barrel. Due to the movement and heating of these bands, gradually, the pellets are melted. Read More

The process of injection molding depends primarily upon the injection speed. To make the process faster, we need to set the injection speed according to the nature of the material. When a material is molded, there is shrinkage in its molded component. The shrinkage in the dimension of the material component depends upon the filling time of the material. This is called the injection speed. Read More

Plastics have turned out to be an essential part of our everyday life. It has affected all corners of life, whether household, agriculture, healthcare, machinery, or industrial. Thus, it is widespread. This is one of the reasons also why can’t we negate its side effects or risks. Read More

Plastics are widely used in our everyday life. We can see a large variety of plastic products around us. The thing to ponder upon is what gives these plastics a shape and mold them into our dreams' products. Without shape, they might have no use to us. There comes the process of injection molding for the manufacturing of plastic products in mass. Since the process is automated and robotic, there is great ease in plastic shapes' mass production. Read More

Injection molding is a widely used process to make plastic products. Since the type of plastic used may vary in physical and chemical properties, a large range of thermoplastics is utilized in this business. The process can be used to make plastic products for household, and large and small business comprises. Accordingly, a product is 3D Designed for manufacturing. Read More

Injection molding is a widely used process to make plastic products. Since the type of 3d printed plastic injection mold may vary in its design and pattern, many large plastic injection molding companies use these thermoplastics for their business. The process can be used to make plastic products for household as well as large and small business comprises. Accordingly, a design is planned to manufacture such a product. Read More

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Thermoplastics are the most common plastic-type widely used in the plastic injection molding industry. Thermoplastics have a wide range of characteristics that very much suit the needs of plastic injection molding. Among the characteristics, including flexibility, physical strength, and design, the ABS 3D printed plastic injection mold has been recognized as one of the best thermoplastic products within the plastic injection molding industry. Read More

HDPE plastic injection molding stands for high-density polyethylene. HDPE can be pigmented, unpigmented, translucent, colored etc.HDPE has a natural resistance to the solvents, making it a go-to plastic-type for industrial chemicals, cleaning agents, floor cleaners, detergents, and freezing bleaches. It is also used extensively for container pack supplies. Read More

Polyethylene is not a hygroscopic material because it does not absorb moisture. However, if drying is ever needed, it is recommended to dry the material in a hopper dryer. PET's common name is polyester, the recycling symbol is PET, and the scientific name is polyethylene terephthalate. The type which is commonly present is a thermoplastic polymer. The temperature at which PET melts is 260 degrees Celsius. Read More