What is FRP Molding?

Fiber reinforced plastic is a composite material consisting of high-performance fibers embedded into a plastic mold. FRP is generated from the polymer matrix secured with fibers. These fibers can include glass, carbon, or even basalt. Generally, these components are easily identifiable and showcase an interface between each other.

FRP is better than a lot of materials because it insulates electricity and has high resistance to corrosion and deterioration. Other notable advantages include its strength over steel and its one-third weight comparatively. In the past twenty years, FRP composites have replaced steel's usage at a rapid pace, in industries such as automobile industry, marine, construction, and even aerospace industries.

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3D Usher allows you to manufacture parts like FRP Boards, FRP Trims, FRP Panels, and other FRP parts through its global supply chain. All the components manufactured using 3D Usher’s network undergo rigorous quality control processes to avoid FRP Installation problems. 3D Usher also supports the design for the manufacturing of customized FRP parts. If you are a verified business in the US, you can also get credit for manufacturing parts for up to 60 days.

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How it Works

 The FRP product manufacturing process starts with the application of wax in all of the molded portion.

 Application of the initial layer of G.P. Gelcoat.

 Once the first layer of G.P. Gelcoat is applied, the second layer of a mixture of G.P. Resin and marble powder is applied.

 The next application is a layer of 450 CSM MAT with G.P. Resin, which has to be applied immediately after the G.P. Resin mixture layer.

 As the last step, all the parts are joined together and after that the cover is de-molded.

 You will get your desired Fiber Reinforced Plastic product as a whole.

FRP Material

FRP materials consist of chemically and environmentally resistant resins and glass fibers. FRP Molding is primarily used in the construction field because of its high corrosion and temperature resistance and excellent mechanical properties.

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Common FRP Molding Process Applications

Few of common applications for which our customers have been using FRP Molding manufacturing process

Storage Tanks & Piping Systems

Panels & Trims

Toys & Physical Models

Prototypes for Automotive and Aerospace applications


Statues and memorabilia