Build a Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Build a Plastic Injection Molding Machine

The Injection molding process helps engineers to make various plastic parts. Here we will go through the process of engineering an easy way of cheap plastic injection molding machine.

The process describes how to build a plastic injection molding machine. To start with the process, we need to assemble the various parts at first.

The assembly starts with a mold and its various subparts. But, before that, we need to use the software called mold flow software. The function of the software is to verify mold design and further simulate the process of injection molding. If you want to make your own injection molding machine, you need to follow the basic cleaning protocol. A manual plastic injection molding machine depends upon the various assembly parts' proper cleaning.

The core assembly requires the cleaning of the base of the section called the frame. Then we need to put the o shaped rings applied with grease on the base of the frame. The rings should be placed at the proper position of the frame with their position to the cavity of the mold. The inset cavity's insets are cleaned properly, and then the cavity is inserted at the base of the mold with the help of screws tightly. The cavity is locked tightly with the mold base. The surface of the mold is applied with anti-rusting oil spray. The sprue is then inserted at the mold's insert, and the clamping plate is assembled by it. After that, the cleaning of the core takes place. Just as on the cavity side, o rings are cleaned again and placed at the core side. The sub inserts put inside the main insert, and the main insert is then installed to the mold base frame. The return pins are then installed on over ejector plate at proper positions on the marked portions. The ejector support plate is assembled to the ejector plate in order to fix the ejectors with the help of pins. The supported plates are locked to the clamping plate. Long screws are used to lock the clamping plate, space block, and core plate together. The screws are fixed tightly from the backside. Again the insert surface is cleaned with the anti-rusting oil to keep the mold safe. Then, some grease is put on the guide pins in order to help the mold run smoothly. The two halves of the mold include a fixed half and a movable half. The fixed half is called the cavity, and the movable half is called the core side. The core side can move back and forth for the opening and closing of the mold. CNC machine is used to cut the steel on the main insert of the core. It usually takes a couple of hours or even a whole day, depending on the number of mold plastic injections. Then, both the halves of the mold cavity and core are put together. Thus, you can build a new injection molding machine.

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