Can PET be Injection Molded?

Can PET be Injection Molded?

Polyethylene is not a hygroscopic material because it does not absorb moisture. However, if drying is ever needed, it is recommended to dry the material in a hopper dryer. PET's common name is polyester, the recycling symbol is PET, and the scientific name is polyethylene terephthalate. The type which is commonly present is a thermoplastic polymer. The temperature at which PET melts is 260 degrees Celsius.

In comparison, the heat deflection temperature is 70 degrees Celsius at 66 PSI. The density of the PET is 1.38 grams per centimeter cube. The glass transition temperature ranges from 67 to 81 degrees Celsius. PET is a sound water barrier.

PET was patented for plastic manufacturing items by John Rex Whinfield in the year 1941 by using the trademark Mylar. Nathaniel Wyeth patented the PET bottle in 1973

Typical applications of PET injection molded items include packaging, clothing, and making PET perform.

Market demand for PET injection molding is increasing day by day. PET bottles are replacing glass bottles. The reason is PET bottles can be easily handled at a low price. Besides, it is inconvenient to return empty glass bottles after consumption. PET bottles are lightweight, reducing shipping costs.PET bottles are also incredibly flexible in design and are easy to recycle.

Injection molding process can manufacture PET cases in mass, widely used in carbonated soft drinks, mineral water packaging, medical syrups, edible oil packaging, coconut water carriage, agrochemical packaging, and household containers, and many more packed food products. The primary target customers of injection-molded PET items are pharmaceutical industries, food processing, retail, and wholesale stores. The machinery required for PET injection molding includes blow molding machines, molds, and a chilling water plant. The raw material for the PET injection molding process is PET performs.

The preform is picked from the oven and placed in a PET blow machine. Then, mold closed air is charged to perform on high pressure. The operator collects the bottle from the machine and again places the preform in it. This cycle continues. The ready bottles are finally packed.

To meet the business demands of the PET injection molding process, metro cities can be targeted. It is essential to meet the procuring quality of raw material. Since the business has high competition in the market, it is necessary to maintain good quality at a competent price. It is easy and logical to start with one or two designs that are generic and high in demand.

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