How Fast Is Injection Molding

How Fast Is Injection Molding

The process of injection molding depends primarily upon the injection speed. To make the process faster, we need to set the injection speed according to the nature of the material. When a material is molded, there is shrinkage in its molded component. The shrinkage in the dimension of the material component depends upon the filling time of the material. This is called the injection speed. If injection speed is high, filling time will be low, as filling time is inversely proportional to the injection speed. It can be understood as if injection speed is increased and packing time or pressure is low, then the material which is filled inside the container will have molecules with a wide gap between each other and will sink. If injection speed is low and packing is high, molecules will be closer to each other, and components will flow.

Let's see the time taken in a cycle. First of all, the ejector is pulled back, so the time taken for it is about one second, depending on the machine. The mold is then closed, which takes 4 seconds, and the core is optional, whose time is added to the mold closing time. After that, injection occurs in the time range of 3 seconds to 12 seconds, depending on the mold component. After that, holding occurs with 2 seconds time period. Then cooling time for the molding component is fixed as 15 seconds. Just before the material cooling, material charging takes place. Mold is opened for 3 seconds, where core time is optional. If the machine is working automatically, then the delay time is 3 seconds; the total cycle time will be 30 seconds. But, if the machine is working semi-automatically, cycle time is even lesser. Injection speed also depends upon the gate point.

By modifying the injection speed as per the mold material, the injection molding process can be achieved faster.

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