Injection Molding Screw Repair

Injection Molding Screw Repair

If you are a part of a large manufacturing company, then chances are you have dealt with the issue of an injection molding screw repair before.

The first step in doing an injection molding screw repair is to find the part or parts that have the issues. You will want to look at your data book to see which screws you are using, the type of screws, and the model year that they were manufactured. Once you have located the screws, then you will have to remove them by removing the fasteners.

After you have removed the fasteners, you will want to turn the screws counterclockwise until they are free. You can clean the screws of any dirt particles, and you can have a nice clean set of Injection Molding screws that can be used for the next job. It is essential to note that if you use a different set of gearbox parts, you test them carefully not to cause any further damage to your pump or other components.

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