Injection Molding in Vietnam

Injection Molding in Vietnam

Injection molding factories in Vietnam under U.S. Army Contractor John Freville produced a variety of intricate designs such as body kits, modular components, and assembly parts. This process was used for over two decades to make lightweight parts for the Vietnam War.

VITRO plastic products technology developed in the 1960s made it possible to produce high-quality plastic parts and components for Injection Molding suppliers in Vietnam. At the start, they were making plastic parts that were used in airbags, seat belts, carpet, and other items. Now, these factories have developed an arsenal of tools, including high-end vacuum machines, pressure pumps, die casting machines, and injection molding machines. They also manufacture plastic parts for military applications, aircraft applications, and commercial applications. They have come a long way in manufacturing quality plastic injection molding parts in terms of design, durability, cost savings, and speed in production.

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