Plastic Injection Molding, Part Cost Calculator, is extremely important in Product Development

Trying to get new plastic products to market is both time-consuming and challenging. With 100s of manufacturing processes available at each stage of the product development life cycle, it is imperative to estimate plastic parts' costs before planning production. One can use a variety of manufacturing processes like 3D Printing, Injection Molding, Vacuum Casting, FRP Molding, or CNC Machining to manufacture plastic parts.

3D Usher has come up with an instant quotation tool to upload your CAD files on the 3D Viewer tool and get instant cost estimation for your plastic part.

Plastic Injection Molding Cost Calculator takes two important things into account:

  • Mold Costs

  • Part Production Costs

Mold Costs

Various parameters play an active role when you're trying to determine the injection mold pricing of your plastic parts. Some important aspects are:

  • Quantity required:

  • If you require a large quantity of the same parts, the life span of the Mold should be high because a softer material will be prone to wear down more quickly than a more rigid material. For example, Aluminum Molds typically require refurbishing and repairs every 2000 units of part produced, but a harder material like Stainless Steel can produce tens of thousands of parts before wearing down. 3D Usher's Injection Molding Cost Calculator lets you instantly check how varying quantities affect the Mold Costs.

    If your requirement is only for a few 1000 units every year, we recommend going for a less expensive material in your Plastic Mold production.

  • Speed of Production:

  • If you require a larger number of parts every year, a mold that can only produce a few thousand units will not be sufficient. You will need a Family Mold with a number of cavities instead of a single cavity mold in such cases. A family Mold is a mold that can produce multiple units of the same or different parts in a single shot.

    Family Molds will increase the tooling cost by a factor of 1.3 to 2. This number can vary depending on the complexity of the part and the number of units needed per shot. You can check out the plastic injection molding cost calculator to change the quantities and see the impact.

  • Size of the Mold:

  • A larger-sized mold will require a bigger CNC Machine for manufacturing the Mold. Using a larger CNC Machine can be more expensive because of limited supply and a higher demand for such machines worldwide. Per hour costs of running such machines are also higher because of a variety of operational factors like electricity, infrastructure, capital, etc.

    Our plastic injection molding cost calculator can help you estimate how your Mold's size will affect the cost.

    Apart from these general factors like the finish of the Mold, mold operating temperature, the tonnage of the machine, the wall thickness of the part, part features, etc., affect the Mold's cost. One can refer to the injection molding cost calculator to quickly get an estimate.

Part Production Costs

The second parameter that is important to determine per part cost for injection molded products is per unit production cost. The following factors determine the per-unit production cost for plastic parts produced using Injection Molding:

  • Material Properties:

  • There are a host of manufacturing materials that can be used for manufacturing parts using Injection Molding. The complete list of these injection molding materials, along-with their Technical Data-Sheet, is available here.

    To determine the best manufacturing material, it is important to understand the plastic part's primary application. One has to be clear about factors like stress on the part, other mechanical forces being applied, operating temperature, certifications, and regulatory requirements. For example, Polypropylene parts are less expensive when compared to Polycarbonate Parts, but certain applications require the use of PolyCarbonate for aesthetics, strength, operating temperature, etc.

    If you do not know which is the best material for your application, you can book a free consultation with one of our material experts. You can also download the current material cost sheet from our website.

  • Size of the Part:

  • A larger-sized part will have a higher cycle time during production. This is because more time will be needed to cool these parts down, increasing both the injection molding cooling time and ejection time. An increased Injection Molding Cycle time means more number of machine-hours needed and thus a higher cost.

    The tonnage of the injection molding machine manufacturing larger parts made out of plastic material also needs to be high because lesser tonnage machines will not be able to eject large parts. You can check out the plastic injection molding cost calculator to determine the correct price for your large plastic parts.

  • Other Factors:

  • There are a variety of other factors like part features, aesthetics of the part, the color of the part, the maximum wall thickness of the part, etc.; you can determine the final cost of your part using 3D Usher's plastic injection molding cost calculator.

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