What are the Environmental Risks Present in Injection Molding?

What are the Environmental Risks Present in Injection Molding?

Plastics have turned out to be an essential part of our everyday life. It has affected all corners of life, whether household, agriculture, healthcare, machinery, or industrial. Thus, it is widespread. This is one of the reasons also why can’t we negate its side effects or risks.

We have some figures for the UK as the highest plastic producing states across the world:

  • According to the British plastics federation, there has been evidence that the UK alone is responsible for producing 2.5 million tonnes of plastics from raw materials and uses 5 million tonnes of plastics.

  • Also, 7 percent of the UK population is contributed by rubber and plastics only. As we are aware of the harmful effects of plastics, we need to take measures to control the pollution that occurs due to plastics. As an environment-conscious society, we need to take these measures.

  • For this reason, we should keep an account of how we are using and disposing of plastics, especially single use plastics. This is because single-use and throw of plastics may cause the release of several hazardous elements in the environment.

  • Another thing is the selection of the type of polymer for the manufacture of plastic products. We should try to maximize the use of only such polymers that are environmentally friendly.

  • Sometimes injection molding machinery makes use of heavy plastic polymers, which are toxic.

  • Especially for the transportation facilities like aircraft and vehicles, the type of polymer to hold the fuel should be cautiously chosen.

  • Also, in the name of glaze and beauty, few plastic materials are hazardous to the environment. Thus, they need to be prohibited.

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