What is the Cycle Time in Injection Molding?

What is the Cycle Time in Injection Molding?

When any plastic product is formed using injection Molding, the time taken in the entire cycle of processing the material is called cycle time. That is when we charge the material by charging through copper wire before injection to the time when we take out the final product from the mold. The whole time duration taken during this process is called cycle time.

First, the material is fed into the hopper from which it is pushed to the mold, the mold clamp closes. After that, the carriage of the material proceeds in the forward direction. Then the process of injection begins. After that, the holding position occurs. In this phase, there is some time involved in the delay of the flow called delay time. After the delay period, the step called plasticization begins. After the plasticizing step, further movement of the material occurs. Then cooling occurs; the time taken is called cooling time.

Along with cooling, solidification occurs, and the material is finished to be ready. Finally, the clamp opens. The time spent in taking the finished material out of the clamp is called the ejector time.

The whole process will be seen one by one, along with the time taken can be summarised as follows:.

  • Mold clamping: First of all, the mold is closed. It might take 3 seconds approx.

  • Carriage forward: a section that contains a barrel along with a hopper moves forward. This might take 2 seconds approx.

  • Injection: it might take 4 seconds approx.

  • Holding pressure: it might take 6 seconds approx.

  • Cooling: it might take 20 seconds approx.

  • Delay time: it might take 1 second approx.

  • Plasticization: it might take 18 seconds approx.

  • Carriage backward: the barrel and hopper section comes backward.it might take 2seconds approx.

  • Mold open: it might take3 seconds approx.

  • Ejector: it might take 5 seconds.

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