What is Daylight in an Injection Molding Machine?

There are two plates attached to the injection molding machine. One is attached to the side of the barrel, and the side of the toggle attaches another. The plate along the barrel side is a fixed plate, whereas the one on the toggle side is the moving plate. The gap created between these two plates is called daylight. There are two types of daylight maximum and minimum daylight. Maximum daylight is the maximum gap allowed between the two plates, whereas; the minimum gap is the minimum permitted daylight.


According to the machine specification, the maximum mold height is 790 mm, and the minimum mold permitted height is 300 mm. It means that the moving plate can go back up to 790 mm backward from the fixed plate.

Besides this, if the gap between the fixed plate and the moving plate is less than the minimum daylight, then the fixed plate can't reach the moving plate necessary for the clamp to close.

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