Why Hydraulics is Used in Injection Molding?

Why Hydraulics is Used in Injection Molding?

In a hydraulic system, when oil goes inside the hydraulic core, it turns forward with pins turning outward, and when oil goes out, it turns backward, placing pins inward. The hydraulic core is fitted to the mold. Hydraulic core should be tightened firmly to the mold with the bolts' help in the clockwise direction. Otherwise, during machine operation, due to the mold's jerk, the hydraulic core might fall also. The type of product we want to get molded from the mold, the hydraulic core has adjustments for such dimensions only.

The hydraulic system is always drawn in the energized state. As the electric motor turns the hydraulic part, fluid is drawn from the filter and into the line. The function of the pump is to create flow. Pressure in the hydraulic part is created by systems to flow. The amount of resistance is controlled by the relief valve setting. When the system setting reaches the relief valve, any additional fluid is returned to the tank. As the hydraulic fluid reaches the screw motor, it begins to turn. After the fluid passes to the motor, it returns through the tank.

There is a combination pump present in the older types of machines. A combination pump consists of two hydraulic pumps driven by a single electric motor. There are two assembly pumps, namely low volume high-pressure pump and high volume low-pressure pump. The entire assembly is contained within a single enclosure.

The reason behind the use of hydraulics is because of the following advantages of hydraulic system:

  • Automatic lubrication

  • High power/weight ratio – small components can handle larger loads

  • It has a simple design though it plays a complex role

  • It is flexible to use. The same components can do a number of job

  • Easy to control

  • Has precise motion control

  • Has speed control. A hydraulic motor can be controlled from 1 rpm to more than 1000 rpm

  • It has instant stopping and reversibility

  • It has constant torque with variable speed

  • It has inbuilt safety. The actuator can be stalled at full load

  • It has automatic braking

  • It can be used in hazardous conditions

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